Moving Your WordPress Site

You may move your WordPress site to an external web hosting company. You may submit a support request and we will help you to migrate your WordPress site.

There will be a small fee involved, depending on which hosting company that you will be migrating to.

If you wish to migrate to Bluehost and you have signed up for a hosting account by clicking the link below, we will only charge a one-time migration fee of USD 30.00 for each site.


If you wish to migrate to any other web hosting company, there will be a one-time migration fee of USD 100.00 for each site.

The migration fee includes the following:

  • Installing your new WordPress site in the web hosting account that you have signed up (provided it has Cpanel, otherwise additional charge applies);
  • Migrating your WordPress site from to the new web hosting environment, including moving over your existing pages, posts, active theme, active plugins, images and files.
  • 30 days support (from the date we confirmed that we have successfully migrated your site).

It will usually take no more than 14 days (from the date that we have received all relevant details and payment) to complete the migration.

The USD 30.00 discounted migration fee will only apply when we have confirmed that you have clicked through the link to sign up for a hosting account.

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