FlexScan Multi-pulse OTDR Review

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##Rugged & pocket-sized; Weighs less than 1 pound! (0.4 kg) with battery like Biocare HYLB-683 Battery, Biocare ECG-1210 Battery, Biocare ECG-1200 Battery, Biocare ECG-300 Battery, Biocare ECG-100 Battery, Biocare HYLB-293 Battery, Nihon Kohden BSM-2350 Battery, Nihon Kohden X062/YS-076P5 Battery, Nihon Kohden I 2300 Battery, Nihon Kohden I 2301A Battery, Nihon Kohden SB-201P Battery, Nihon Kohden X076 Battery
##Fast, accurate network characterization or fault location
##Easy-to-understand LinkMap results with pass/fail indications
##1310/1550/1650 nm PON OTDR for live PON troubleshooting
##1310/1550 PON or point-to-point OTDR
##Best-in-class 20 m PON dead zone!
##Integrated VFL, plus Wave ID source and power meter
##Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and USB communications
##Large, bright indoor/outdoor touchscreen

##PON or point-to-point network verification and troubleshooting
##Fast, accurate single-mode fiber fault location using OTDR and VFL
##Single-mode optical network characterization using OTDR
##Single-mode loss testing using integrated source and power meter

Product Description

FlexScan® OTDR with SmartAuto™ and LinkMap®
Pocket-sized, Performance-packed, Easy to Use and Affordable
FlexScan OTDRs enable both novice and expert technicians to quickly and reliably troubleshoot optical networks or fully characterize newly installed or repaired networks. Using FlexScan’s innovative SmartAuto mode, multi-pulse OTDR scans quickly and accurately detect, locate, identify and measure network components and faults. After applying industry-standard or user-set pass/fail criteria, the characterized network is displayed using FlexScan’s intuitive, icon-based LinkMap view.
FlexScan automates test setup, shortens test time and simplifies results interpretation, improving efficiency and reducing the cost of test. Results may be stored internally or externally. Internally stored results are easily accessed via USB.
With optional connector inspection, integrated source, power meter and VFL, FlexScan offers an all-in one solution, ensuring technicians have everything they need to locate and resolve optical network issues.
Designed for field use, FlexScan is robust, rugged, lightweight, powerful and flexible.

FST-12 Fiber Separation Tool

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With battery such as Fujikura BTR-08 Battery, Fujikura 11HR-4/3FAU Battery, Fujikura FSM-18R Battery, Fujikura FSM-18S Battery, Fujikura FSM-60R Battery, Fujikura FSM-60S Battery, Omron HBP-3100 Battery, Edan M8A Battery, Edan SE-300G Battery, Edan SE-300 Battery, Biocare ECG-9801 Battery, Biocare LBP144 Battery.
Enables separation of groups of fibers or single fibers and is not limited to only even- numbered groupings.
One-handed operation allows the operator’s other hand to guide and control the ribbon at all times, minimizing the potential for accidental damage to the fibers or ribbon.
Hand-held method eliminates the need to utilize valuable work surface space for operation and is the ideal solution for remote-site and aerial operations such as bucket truck or ladder-sling applications.
Performing two overlapping separations of the ribbon allows any single fiber or any sub-group of fibers to be extracted from the ribbon, even in mid-span taut-sheath operations where minimal ribbon length is available.

Product Description

The FST-12 Fiber Separation Tool is used to quickly, accurately and reliably split ribbons into sub-groups or individual fibers. The ergonomic FST-12 design enables safe and reliable, one-handed operation for use in diverse fiber deployment environments, such as aerial and remote-site applications.

B1500A Agilent Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer

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The B1500A is a Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer from Agilent. Semiconductor parameter analyzers are all-in-one tools used for a wide range of measurement capabilities with battery like Juniper 12523 Battery, Juniper LHJBT-H11U Battery, Juniper VSH-H11U Battery, Juniper Allegro CX Battery, Juniper VR-151 Battery, Juniper GP VR151 Battery, Juniper Allegro MX Battery, Juniper Maxell M3614 Battery, Juniper Polaroid PR-632 Battery, Juniper AMX-1 Battery, Juniper AMX-2 Battery, Juniper AMX-5 Battery. Semiconductor parameter analyzers can measure and analyze electrical characterizations of many types of electronic devices, materials, active or passive components, semiconductors, or any other kind of electronic equipment. Engineers use this piece of test equipment for the monitoring of current and voltage responses in different types of devices.

Additional Features:
•PC-based instrument with Microsoft ® Windows ® OS and EasyEXPERT software
•Single-box solution for current-voltage (IV), capacitance-voltage (CV), pulse generation, fast IV, and time-domain measurement.
•Ten module slots for source monitor units (SMUs) and other module types (MFCMU, HV-SPGU and WGFMU)
•Offline data analysis and application test development via Desktop EasyEXPERT software

Measurement Capabilities:
•Supports current-voltage (IV) measurement to 0.1fA and 0.5µV
•Supports both quasi-static and medium-frequency capacitance-voltage (CV) measurement
•Supports accurate fast IV and time-domain measurement for a wide range of applications such as pulsed IV, NBTI and RTS noise (RTN) measurement
•Supports high voltage pulse generation (up to ±40 V) for high power and memory device testing

Mainframe features:
•Configurable and upgradeable measurement modules up to 10 slots in a box
•15-inch wide touch screen supports intuitive GUI operation of the EasyEXPERT group+
•Windows Embedded Standard 7 (WES7)
•GPIB, USB, LAN interfaces, and VGA video output port

The Agilent B1500A Semiconductor Device Analyzer is a modular instrument with a ten-slot configuration that supports both IV and CV measurements and also fast high-voltage pulsing. Its familiar, Microsoft ® Windows ® user interface supports Agilent’s EasyEXPERT software, which provides a new, more intuitive task-oriented approach to device characterization. Because of its extremely low-current, low-voltage, and integrated capacitance measurement capabilities, the Agilent B1500A can be used for a wide range of semiconductor device characterization needs (IC-CAP supports the Agilent B1500A). It is also an excellent solution for non-volatile memory cell characterization and high-speed device characterization (including advanced NBTI and RTS noise (RTN) measurement).

FSP Rohde Schwarz Series Spectrum Analyzer

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The FSP Series of Spectrum Analyzers from Rohde & Schwarz consists of the following models: FSP13, FSP3, FSP30, FSP38, FSP40, FSP7 with battery such as Tektronix Battery, Rohde Schwarz EB200 Battery, Rohde Schwarz FSH8 Battery, Rohde Schwarz FSH4 Battery, Rohde Schwarz HA-Z204 Battery, Rohde Schwarz Battery, Anritsu 633-75 Battery, Yokogawa AQ7270 Battery, Yokogawa AQ7275 Battery, Yokogawa Battery, NetTEST CMA4000i Battery, NetTEST CMA8800 Battery. Purchase your FSP Series model directly from our stock or request a quote to have us source it for you. We have an expansive network of new and used Rohde & Schwarz and Spectrum Analyzer suppliers to acquire what you need.

The ideal partner for both development and production, featuring good level measurement uncertainty, as well as excellent RF characteristics. The R&S FSP incorporates proven technology to enable best performance, reliability and ease of service.

The Rohde & Schwarz FSP Series of Spectrum Analyzers is capable of testing spurious emissions stipulated in the GSM specifications and has a firmware to allow adjacent-channel power (ACP) measurement to the W-CDMA/third-generation partnership project (3GPP).

This measurement is implemented in the Rohde & Schwarz FSP Series by automatic test routines which make all necessary settings, measurements and filtering. The electronic attenuator for a spectrum analyzer increases the availability for use in production and allows a number of switching operations in a wear-and-tear-free setting range of 30 dB in 5 dB steps.

Additional Features:
•Resolution bandwidth: 10 Hz to 10 MHz
•Display range: displayed average noise level to 30 dBm
•Additional filters: Channel filters from 100 Hz to 5 MHz and RRC filters, FFT filters from 1 Hz to 30 kHz, EMI bandwidths and quasi-peak detector
•Measurement functions for TOI, MC ACP(R), OBW, CCDF, APD, etc
•Measurement applications for cellular standards and general purpose, e.g. phase noise, noise figure, etc.
•DANL typ.: -155 dBm (1 Hz) w/o preamp
•Phase-noise typ: -113 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz offset, CF 500 MHz
•Phase-noise typ: -145 dBc/Hz @ 10 MHz offset, CF 500 MHz
•TOI typ.: 10 dBm
•1-dB-compression point: 0 dBm
•0.5 dB total level uncertainty up to 3.6 GHz
•<0.2 dB linearity error down to -70 dB
•IF digitizer 12 bit 32 MHz (20.4 MHz IF)
•IQ memory 2×128 ksamples
•2.5ms sweep time in frequency domain
•1 µs sweep time in time domain
•Up to 70 remote measurements/s via GPIB
•Up to 80 manual measurements/s (screen update)

Anritsu MG3700A Vector Signal Generator

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The MG3700A Vector Signal Generator with battery like Anritsu MT9081 Battery, Anritsu MT9081D Battery, Anritsu MT9082 Battery, Anritsu 9081D Battery, Anritsu Z0921A Battery, Anritsu MT9083 Battery, Anritsu MT9083B Battery, Anritsu MT9083A8 Battery, Anritsu CMA-4500 Battery, Anritsu CMA-4500 Battery, Tektronix YBT250 Battery, Tektronix TFS3031 Battery supports digital modulation of signals for all major wireless communication systems such as cellular phones and wireless LANs. With its 160 MHz high-speed arbitrary waveform baseband generator, wide vector modulation bandwidth, and large capacity ARB memory, MG3700A has the performance to provide signal generation for future wireless communication systems with wider bandwidths.

The arbitrary waveform generator is a standard function built into the MG3700A. By choosing an arbitrary waveform pattern, a modulation signal can be output that meets the requirement of various communication systems.

There are four kinds of waveform patterns that can be used by the MG3700A:

– The standard built-in waveform pattern.
– Various optional waveform patterns [Models: MX3700xxA]
– Optional IQproducer waveform generation software [Models: MX3701xxA]
– Data created by general signal generation software changed into waveform patterns for MG3700A.

Many arbitrary waveform pattern files are pre-recorded, based on parameters conforming to various communication systems that have already been established. Those waveform patterns provided on the hard disk of MG3700A as standard functions can be used freely. Additional waveform patterns are offered as optional software.

The IQproducer waveform generation software conforms to various communication systems. This software performs a parameter setup of waveform data and can generate an arbitrary waveform pattern file that is downloaded to MG3700A using a LAN connection or a CF (Compact Flash) memory card.

IQ sample data files (in ASCII format) generated by common EDA (Electronic Design Automation) tools can be converted to waveform pattern files for MG3700A using the IQproducer "conversion" function. A custom-made waveform pattern file is generated arbitrarily.

Anritsu MG37020A Microwave Signal Generator

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The Anritsu MG37020A Fast Switching Microwave Signal Generator covers both RF and microwave frequencies from 10 MHz to 20 GHz. The MG37020A is an ideal signal source for RF and microwave applications requiring frequency agility, including data intensive applications such as antenna testing and satellite payload testing, high throughput applications such as RFIC and MMIC testing, and defense applications including radar and EW receiver testing.

The MG37020A Fast Switching Microwave Signal Generator series with battery such as Anritsu S312D Battery, Anritsu S331C Battery, Anritsu S332C Battery, Anritsu S325D Battery, Anritsu S412D Battery, Anritsu S810C Battery, Anritsu S810D Battery, Anritsu S820B Battery, Anritsu S820C Battery, Anritsu MS2711B Battery, Anritsu MS2711D Battery, Anritsu MT8212B Battery also offers the high output power, low phase noise, excellent spectral purity, and high performance pulse modulation. The MG37020A offers high performance pulse modulation capability for signal simulations from simple to the complex. The MG37020A pulse modulation option includes an internal waveform generator, capability for single, double, triple, quadruple and pulse burst modes, with leveled pulse widths as narrow as 100 ns and unleveled as narrow

The MG37020A offers enhanced connectivity and intuitive user interface with color touch screen. Remote programming interfaces include USB 2.0 device Ethernet LAN, IEEE-488 GPIB. The MG37020A can accommodate a USB mouse, keyboard and external VGA monitor.

The MG37020A Fast Switching Microwave Signal Generator along with the MG3690B family of microwave signal generators provide the highest performance for nearly every microwave application. Choose between many performance and capability options for your specific application.

The MG37020A is an ideal signal generator for these RF & Microwave Applications:
Antenna R&D and manufacturing
Satellite R&D and manufacturing
Radar and EW R&D and manufacturing
Military maintenance and repair
Microwave component R&D and manufacturing
IC testing for OEMs

Anritsu CMA4500 Reflectometer

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Combining the technology of the industry-leading CMA4000i Optical Test System with the CMA5000 Multi-Layer Test Platform makes the CMA4500 the Next Generation in OTDR Testing.

Based on Anritsu’s leading OTDR technology and its advanced CMA5000 Multi-Layer Test Platform with battery such as Anritsu MS2028B Battery, Anritsu MS2027C Battery, Anritsu MS2035B Battery, Anritsu S361E Battery, Anritsu S332E Battery, Anritsu S362E Battery, Anritsu S412E Battery, Anritsu S113B Battery, Anritsu S114C Battery, Anritsu S251B Battery, Anritsu S251C Battery, Anritsu S311D Battery, the CMA4500 takes fiber installation, maintenance, and documentation of the network to the next level. Designed to provide exceptional performance at a price that fits most budgets, it’s the ideal tool for metro, CWDM, ultra-long haul, and PON-based fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) deployments.

Featuring an intuitive and user-friendly GUI, a powerful Windows operating system, a large high resolution color display with touch screen interface, and rugged casework, the CMA4500 can cover any testing requirements from single mode to multimode, and from 10 m to 250 Km. Sophisticated analysis software provides consistent and accurate fiber characterization automatically or with the press of a button. USB ports, a 10/100 Ethernet interface, modular I/O drives, and dedicated testing modes ensure unparalleled ease of use and flexibility.

As an added value, the CMA4500 can be equipped with a stabilized light source, power meter, and Visual Fault Locator (VFL) that enables users to visually locate breaks within central offices and quickly identify specific fibers within a cable or splice tray. An available connector inspection microscope further reduces costly troubleshooting of connector-related issues by quickly pinpointing the source of the problem, all without any of the risks associated with conventional microscopes.

Dedicated testing modes designed specifically for the task at hand.

Working in Fault Locate Mode, the CMA4500 is ideal for reel testing or continuity verification. It allows you to identify faults quickly and easily, all at the touch of a single button. A built-in connection check verifies proper fiber connection, completing fiber characterization in a matter of seconds.

Designed for fiber installation and commissioning, the CMA4500’s Construction Mode automates frequently performed tasks, eliminating common user errors such as incorrectly named or missing traces. It allows users to test, analyze, and save multiple wavelength traces with the touch of a single button.

The CMA4500 Standard OTDR features the ability to manually set all, some, or none of the testing parameters, providing unsurpassed parameter optimization. Key parameters such as wavelength, pulse width, range/resolution, and averaging mode can be set easily via the CMA4500’s touch screen or by dedicated hard key interfaces. The Standard OTDR’s ability to overlay up to eight traces simultaneously, its four display options, and its user selectable loss modes ensure that users have all the tools needed to test their networks.

You can have it all with the CMA4500.

A powerful Windows-based unit, large high resolution color display that’s easy to read indoors or out, touch screen plus hard key user interfaces, and several optics options to cover any testing requirements from single mode to multimode, and from 10 m to 250 Km. Additional features include USB ports, a 10/100 Ethernet interface, and dedicated testing modes for unparalleled ease of use and flexibility.

Whether you are a first time user or industry veteran, the CMA4500 will take fiber installation, maintenance, and documentation of your optical network to a new level.

Anritsu CMA3000 Field Tester

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Efficiency and profitability go hand in hand and provide you with full duplex monitoring of signals out and back in one compact, self-contained unit.

The CMA 3000 is the portable, compact, and user-friendly all-in-one field tester for fixed and mobile networks. It is designed specifically for technicians who install, maintain, and troubleshoot mobile-access, fixed-access and transmission networks and switching.

The CMA 3000with battery like Anritsu MS2721A Battery, Anritsu MS2724B Battery, Anritsu MS2722C Battery, Anritsu MS2726C Battery, Anritsu MS2711E Battery, Anritsu MS2712E Battery, Anritsu MT8212E Battery, Anritsu MS2024A Battery, Anritsu MS2026A Battery, Anritsu MS2036A Battery, Anritsu MS2025B Battery, Anritsu MS2026B Battery has the unique ability to maintain and optimize existing networks and test networks while they are in operation. That means problems are pinpointed faster, there is less network downtime, and field visits are much more efficient.

The basic CMA 3000 configuration is the ideal instrument for measuring in- and out-of-service transmission quality of 2 Mbps lines. With its SDH test module the CMA 3000 field test instrument also supports simultaneous bi-directional monitoring of SDH lines. Further options allow test and monitoring of Ethernet 10/100/1000 lines and V-series interfaces.

The modular design provides you with a clear and cost-effective upgrade path: by adding options the CMA 3000 becomes a highly flexible field tester with the ability to test a large number of interfaces and technologies, including IP over Ethernet, ATM, frame relay lines, and the Abis interface of GSM/GPRS networks. Other options turn the CMA 3000 into a very powerful and advanced signaling analyzer for GSM, GPRS/EDGE, SS7, and ISDN protocols. VoIP and ISDN (PRI) call emultion can also be added as options. Up to 8 VoIP calls or 8 ISDN (PRI) calls can be generated simultaneously. For one VoIP call at the time the voice quality measurement option can provide information on MOS and R-factor for the call.

With the Ethernet multistream option and an Ethernet interface option on the CMA 3000, the user can test and analyse up to 8 traffic streams on one Ethernet line. Hereby the user can test a congested networks ability to transport high priority traffic rather than lower priority traffic.
The user can activate up to 8 streams with different priority settings on the Ethernet line and detect how they are affected by frame loss through the network

Testing of frame relay, ATM and IP
Generation of up to 8 VoIP calls simultaneously on Ethernet test interfaces in the CMA 3000. For one VoIP call at the time the voice quality measurement option can provide information on MOS and R-factor for the call
Generation of up to 8 ISDN (PRI) calls simultaneously
Test interfaces for SDH, PDH, Ethernet and data interfaces
Comprehensive out-of-service testing for installation, provisioning and propagation time analysis
In-service, bi-directional monitoring at all speeds for fast troubleshooting, traffic monitoring, identification of synchronization problems and error performance measurement
Performance analysis
Physical line monitoring
Intuitive user interface, with large color touch-screen display and easy-to-understand graphical symbols
Quickly customize and store setup and result screens to fit your personal needs and work routines
Easy-to-install options
Powered by a high-capacity LiIon battery

Acterna FST-2802 Module For FST-2000 TestPad

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of the Acterna Battery

The FST-2802 with battery like Acterna FTB-100 Battery, Acterna FTB-400 Battery, Acterna MTS-5000 Battery, Acterna MTS-5000E Battery, Acterna MTS-5100 Battery, Anritsu Lite3000(E) Battery, EXFO FTB-100 Battery, EXFO FTB-400 Battery, EXFO FTB-150 Battery, EXFO FTB-200 Battery, EXFO XW-EX002 Battery, EXFO Battery is a handheld Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and IP services test instrument designed to meet the needs of service providers for turning up and troubleshooting these various services. The FST-2802 enables technicians to use one test set to turn up services ranging from 10/100 Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and IP – all from a single TestPad module!

Full line rate traffic generation with variable traffic load characteristics to stress test 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet interfaces.
Ability to test 1.0625 and 2.125 Gbps Fibre Channel services at 100% wire speed.
IP ping and traceroute testing for verification of network connectivity.
Ability to perform IP throughput verification and round trip delay testing.
Filtering capabilities at L2 and L3 enable users to perform circuit troubleshooting.
Dual-port capability for Ethernet and Fibre Channel traffic generation.
BER testing at layer 1 and layer 2 for Ethernet and Fibre Channel circuits.
Loopback frame generation to automatically loop the far-end test at L2 and L3.
Remote graphical user interface (GUI) application for remote testing via an analog modem, Ethernet LAN, 802.11, or Bluetooth.
Custom and preconfigured test scripts ensure that M&Ps are followed.

Service level agreement (SLA) verification via throughput, frame loss, and round trip delay testing for Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and IP services.
Automated RFC-2544 conformance testing. (Requires another FST-2802 module or loopback device)
Traffic testing with VLAN 802.1Q, 802.1p, DSCP, and TOS prioritization characteristics.
Ping and traceroute testing for verification of network connectivity.
Simultaneous testing of two independent circuits with full line rate traffic generation.

Key Features
Microsoft Windows XP platform with easy-to-use GUI.
Variety of applications such as web browser, PDF reader, and online keyboard.
File transfer protocol (FTP) for storage and transfer of results.
Connectivity methods include RS-232, USB, LAN, Bluetooth, 802.11b, and analog modem.

Fluke Ansur Test Automation Software

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of the Fluke Battery

Ansur Test Automation software transforms the way test data is collected with battery such as Fluke BP123 Battery, Fluke BP123S Battery, Fluke BP124 Battery, Fluke BP124S Battery, Fluke BP124X Battery, Fluke Ti27 Battery, Fluke 199 Battery, Goldway G50 Battery, Goldway G60 Battery, Goldway ME202C Battery, JDSU MTS-8000 Battery, JDSU MTS-4000 Battery, measured and stored to mitigate risk and manage regulatory compliance. It is the premier digital solution for hospital qualityassurance (QA) professionals to maximize productivity and increase profitability. This software standardizes work and reduces test time to both increase operational efficiency and reduce human error in QA regulatory and preventative-maintenance testing.

Ansur offers the ability to test multiple devices simultaneously and automatically assesses pass/fail results against test limits for compliance to safety standards and hospital-specific QA protocol.

Test results are captured electronically and stored digitally in version-controlled records in CMMS or alternative databases of choice. Data can be managed based on user authorization levels. Digital data can then be used for trend analysis to predict service needs, minimize equipment downtime, and provide justification for unique PM schedules to meet the requirements of worldwide regulatory groups like the Joint Commission, IEC and others.

•Allows creating and managing custom test protocols electronically to eliminate dependence on service manuals
•Guides users through stepwise testing process to ensure standardized testing and to minimize training
•Generates test report (PDF or MTR) per requirements with needed level of data to ensure compliance
•Enables the use of personalized pictures, illustrations and graphs to facilitate proper testing with ease
•Automatically assesses pass/fail against test limits specified by global standards or organizations
•21CFR Part 11 compliant. Users can create their own signature and sign templates and results. (This feature can be disabled)
•Stores complete version-controlled test record and data electronically
•Authorization levels can be assigned to manage level of access to software. Levels include User, Author and Administrator (This feature can be disabled)
•Reduces test time per medical device, tests multiple devices simultaneously, and performs multiple PM tests in a single procedure
•Offers easy data traceability with electronic archival and printing of detailed records
•Ensures test procedures and time are uniform and thus predictable with both ready-to-use and customized test templates
•Data extraction offers trending and analysis and reporting capability